Magister Biologi (S2)


Division of Biology have a useful range of facilities to support activities in education, research and community service. Various facilities are available at the division and laboratory. This facility is not only accessible by staff and students of biology, but can also be used by users from other departments in the Diponegoro University and other universities.

1. Computer Studio and Internet

Studio KomputerMain computer facilities are in the Lab. Building, 3rd Floor, Room R.308. There are 10 units of a multimedia computer, also equipped with printer and scaner. All computers are equipped with basic computing software. Some have special software for science, i.e statistical analysis, genetic analysis, sound analysis, and image processing. In addition to the studios, computer facilities are also available in each laboratory.

All computer facilities connected with the local network, from the laboratory level, divisions, faculties, to universities. In addition to the local network, these also connected with the INHERENT DIKTI network and the Internet.

2. Library

PerpustakaanLibrary is located in the Lab. Building, 3 rd Floor , Room R.308. Collections included more than 600 Thesis titles, 1000 textbook titles, 20 journal titles, 50 CD-ROM titles, and thousands of digital articles. Services are open system, the visitor is free to access the collections. There are two kinds of collections, reference items is only readable  on site and circulation items is loanable. Library open every day at working hours.

3. Greenhouse and Experiment Garden

Greenhouse and experiment garden situated near C Building. These facilities are mainly used for the botanical experiment. Also equipped with various tanks and aquarium for aquatic botany research.

4. Multimedia Room

Ruang MultimediaMultimedia Room is located in C Building, 3rd Floor. This room is multifunctional, can be used for lectures, seminars, gatherings, or other meetings. Available audio-visual equipment, computers, and LCD projector to support the presentation activity.

5. Seminar Room

Seminar Room is located in C Building, 3rd loor. There are two rooms that can be used for the research proposal seminar and student final project examination. Available computer and LCD projector for presentations.

6. Practice Laboratory Room

Ruang PraktikumPractice laboratory room located in Lab. Building, consisting of three rooms, namely R.101, R.201 and R.301. Every laboratory rooms are equipped with standard facilities and a variety of laboratory equipments.

7. Research  Laboratory Room

Ruang Laboratorium RisetResearch Laboratory room in the Lab. Building, located on each floor. This room used to conduct the staff and students research. List of available equipment can be viewed on the website of each laboratory.

8. Lecture Room

Gedung KuliahLecture rooms in A and B Building. There are several rooms with different allocation capacity.

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