Magister Biologi (S2)


Curriculum is a set of programs that are used as implementation base of the learning process in the Biology Study Program. Biology curriculum using credit semester system (SKS), in this system, every educational activity given a unit of credit semester system (SKS).

Each 1 SKS course means: 1 hour scheduled course, 1 hour structured activity and 1 hour autonomous activity.

Each 1 SKS practice means: 2-3 hours scheduled laboratory practice, 1 hour structured activity and 1 hour autonomous activity.

Curriculum of Biology Study Program refer to vision, mission, specifications, objectives, goals and competency, of study program.

Based on Decree Rector No . 348/SK/J.07/2002, Curriculum of Biology Study Programe have 144 SKS, grouped into:

  1. Courses of Personality Development (MPK): 9 SKS
  2. Courses of Knowledge & Skill (MKK): 66 SKS
  3. Courses of Working Skill (MKB): 38 SKS
  4. Courses of Working Behavior (MPB):23 SKS
  5. Courses of  Society Life (MBB) : 8 SKS


S1 degree in Biology at Biology Study Program, FMIPA UNDIP, gained when students have acquired through a 144 SKS, without E value, minimum C value for elective course, pass Skripsi exam, and a minimum 2.50 GPA.

Planning of education activities for students in the framework of finishing study accompanied by Academic Trustee (Lecturer Advisor). Supervisor has a duty to provide counseling, referrals, academic considerations, based on the potential and achievements of the students, in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the learning process. Students can consult both the academic and non-academic problem to supervisor.

Course Election

Special for new students (semester 1), courses was taken as a courses package of semester 1 (20 SKS). Course election for next semester will be based on Performance Index (IP) from previous semester. Determination of course election, shall consult with the academic trustee.

Course election base on Perfomance Index is categorize:

  • IP < 2,00 elect max of 18 SKS
  • IP 2,00 - IP 2,49 elect max of 20 SKS
  • IP 2,50 - IP 2,99 elect max of 22 SKS
  • IP > 3,00 elect max of 24 SKS

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