Magister Biologi (S2)


Division Officers are Head of Division, assisted by  Secretary and by Coordinator,  that is Academic Affairs, Cooperation Affairs, Student Affairs, Revenue & Generating, and supported by the Secretariat. Managers has duty to coordinate academic activities on Study Program, Laboratory and Service Unit.

The Head of Division responsible to Dean, with the main duty as coordinator of University Tridharma and other managerial activities. Division of Biology has only one study program. The Head of Division has double duty as Head of Study Program. The Secretary of Division has a basic duty to assist the Head in the division’s internal management.

The Coordinator has main task  to assist Division Manager in the implementation of the coordination field. The Academic Affairs include the coordination of the learning process. The Cooperation Affairs include the coordination of research and public service and establish cooperation with stakeholders. The Student Affairs include coordination of student activities. The Revenue & Generating include coordination of funding and the sustainability of the program division.

The Secretariat is responsible to the Head of Division and has a duty as principal executive and administrative sources of information academic in the division.

The Laboratory is a unit of learning and implementing the development of certain branches of biology. Leaders of laboratory consists of Head and Secretary who is responsible to the Head of Division. The Head of Laboratory is a lecturer who has met the requirements according to the field of knowledge. The lecturers responsible to the Head of Laboratory and must develop science in accordance with their expertise. Technician tasked to assist the implementation of activities in the laboratory and is responsible to the Head of Laboratory.

Service Unit is a unit of development and implementation services for biology study for internal institutions in the Diponegoro University and for the outside. Unit managers comprises of Head and Secretary, responsible to the Coordinator of Revenue & Generating. Activities implementation is conducted by the head of the unit and assisted by qualified staff and lecturers.

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