Magister Biologi (S2)

Quality Assurance

Academic Quality Assurance System

Academic quality assurance system in the Division of Biology refer to the quality assurance system in the Faculty and University.  Implementation of academic quality assurance system implemented in a tiered. Academic quality assurance at university level held by Board of Academic Quality Assurance (BPM), at the Faculty hel by Team of Academic Quality Assurance of Faculty (TPMF) and on the Division level implemented by the Task force of Academic Quality Assurance of Division (GPM).

Task force of Academic Quality Assurance at Division of Biology is an organization consisting of lecturers in the Division of Biology. Has a role for the academic standards and to formulate and evaluate the implementation so that the resulting new standards that continue to update. Academic standards of Division of Biology to formulate the vision, mission, goals and competencies outlined by the curriculum. The curriculum includes not only a group of lectures but also of the learning process.

Learning process plan should be implemented in the form of:

  1. Instructional Objective
  2. Lecture Program Outline (GBPP)
  3. Lecture Unit (SAP)
  4. Lecture Contract
  5. Lecture Modul

Curriculum evaluation conducted to:

  1. Respond to the development of science and technology
  2. Responding to social change outside of the education system
  3. Meet students’ basic competencies
  4. Respond to changes in the education system

Curriculum evaluation should be carried out regularly with the involvement of various parties, particularly stakeholders.

So that the learning process is running optimally not only the evaluation needs to be done but must also have support for the creation of a conducive academic atmosphere. A conducive atmosphere must be provided by faculty, staff and administration of the laboratory to the students so that support the learning process.

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