Magister Biologi (S2)

Human Resources

Human resources at Division of Biology consists of 51 lecturers, 19 guest lecturers, 7 technician, and 1 administration staff.

Lecturer is education staff who has duties on education, scientific development and public service.

Technician has a duty to help  lecturer for technical laboratory activities, maintain laboratory and it’s equipment.

Administration staff has duties on daily administrative activities and provide academic information.

Distribution of lecturer based on education degree consists of 16 Doctor, 15 Master, and 2 Bachelor. Lecturers who still in studying at now consists of  20 doctoral programs in domestic.

Distribution of  lecturer based on their laboratory:

  • Biology Structure and Function of Plant: 11 person
  • Biology Structure and Function of Animals: 12 person
  • Ecology and Biosystematic: 15 person
  • Microbiology: 9 person
  • Biochemistry: 2 person
  • Genetics: 2 person

Technician of  Biology Laboratory consist of 7 person, 2 person at Biology Structure and Function of Plant Lab., 1 person at Ecology and Biosystematic Lab., 2 person at Microbiology, Biochemistry and Genetics lab. Technician assigned to help Unit Service consist of 2 person.

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