Magister Biologi (S2)

Final Project

Final Project (6 SKS) aims to train students to conduct research in the framework of problem solving with the scientific method, so that it can be scientifically accountable. The choice of research topics depending on the interest and achievement of each student with supervising from academic trustee or other lecturers.

Final Project consists of Proposals Seminar (1 SKS), Research Seminar (1 SKS), and Thesis Exam (4 SKS). Proposals  and research seminar does not need to be written down in the KRS. Final Project is written in KRS after conducting proposals and research seminar, have a minimum 100 SKS, and aminimum 2,50 GPA.

Proposals Seminar

The seminar aims to train students prepare papers, present, and discuss scientificaly. Proposals seminar also as research proposal for final project. Seminar can be taken after students have a minimum of 80 SKS, with a minimum 2.50 GPA, and can be taken together with the practices work.

Research Seminar

After research is complete, the data obtained shall analyzed, then to seminar. Reasearch seminar presenting the flow of discussion plan, which refers to the references such as journals that have been learned.

Final Project Exam

Detil of thesis reports can be refer to the guide book of the scientific report by division of biology. Task project exam is a final exam for biology students to completed bachelor degree in Biology.


Practice work and Final Project under the supervision of lecturer. Practice work supervising by one supervisor, and final project supervising at least by two or maximum of three supervisor.

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